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Auntie LouWelcome to Auntie Lou what should I do, a comedy problem page like no other we can guarantee you that!

So, if you don't know what to wear, what to say, what to do or when to try it for example, then Auntie Lou is who you should ask, she'll bring her infinite wisdom and bright light take on life to help you decide on those tricky embarrassing subjects that you just can't discuss with anyone else! Remember, its better out than in......! A problem shared is a problem halved.

No subject is too embarrassing, no problem too big, if you're feeling it then you've just got to share it with Auntie Lou & her thousands of readers.

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  HELP LOU! My housemate at uni (who is also from my hometown) has just confessed his feelings for me, but I don't feel the same way about him. I am travelling home with him for christmas and want to avoid all awkwardness! What should I do?! Emma M

Auntie Lou says: "Ooh cringey! Ok so either think of a million games you can play on your journey to avoid any gaps in conversation for him to gaze into your eyes like a puppy dog or pretend to fall asleep, snore like a giant pig after eating an extortionate amount of garlic and hope he falls out if love with you rapidly !! "

  I arrive at a party and discover I am wayyy under / overdressed (either situation is equally bad)...what's your rescue plan?  Miss Chanty

Auntie Lou says: "Too over- dressed....NEVER just work it and as for under dressed,the coolest celebs sometimes rock up to parties and premieres looking like they've just leapt out of bed in a care free 'i don't need to try' way so make out you've been way too busy shmoozing to have time to go home and change/shower....yeah...go smelly too!!!"

 someone on the train had their iPod in and the music is so loud i could hear exactly what song it was, i ended up singing along (quietly), they noticed and we had that awkward eye contact thing, what do i do next time??? (cos it will happen again) Izzy T

Auntie Lou says: " Start swaying next to them then slowly progress to body ripples, the running man and then a full blown shimmy to express just how much you love their music!!!!"

 What do you do when you're in a serious situation when you know you shouldn't laugh but something makes you giggle...and because you know your not allowed to laugh you can't help but want to laugh more and end up making little snorting noises?! Katie J

Auntie Lou says: "Now that's a tough one, let's face're going to end up bursting into a huge snorting laugh and it could be messy. I would turn it into a dramatic weeping, emotional show down. They'll all think you're crying instead!!! You are so sensitive bless you x!"

 Haha HELP!! Sooo during my driving lessons, I was doing a gear change and my hand slipped up my driving instroctors leg!!!! CRINGE!! . . . Normally I would have made a joke out of it but he is really old and prim and 'proper' Dreading my next lesson. . . Every time I went to change gears after that I could see him flinching! What shall I do??! Danielle Chester

Auntie Lou says: "Oops now that is funny!!! Ok so you can do one of two things. Move that hand WITH PURPOSE to that gear stick. No dilly dallying.....or make him even more nervous and linger when you go to change gear and give him a cheeky wink....this could of course result in you bumping into another car or losing your driving instructor!!!!"

 Im scared i might cry too much on 10th dec when you leave wicked and flood the theatre!!!! :( what should i dooooo? Lauren Crocker

Auntie Lou says: "I'm scared too.....snotty Glinda is not a good look!!! So, in short....DONT CRY or you'll set me off!!"

 Auntie Lou, I ripped my jeans while doing a grand jeté in public. What should I do? Rebeka Dio

Auntie Lou says: "Go 80's and rip em' some more!! Next time you feel you'll have the urge to display your classical dance moves in public make sure you are covered from head to toe in lycra!!!"

 Dear Auntie Lou I want to go to KFC but I don't know what to get on the side!! Any suggestions? Char Edwards

Auntie Lou says: "'OH........and some beeeeeaaaannnsss"

 Dear Auntie Lou Why do boys/men have to send out such confusing signals? I don't know if he's being friendly or not. :( Stef Woods

Auntie Lou says: "Boys/Men are a funny species,there is no use guessing so I'd just save yourself the agony and say 'dude, do you like me cos I like you' over and done with......although maybe don't use the word 'dude' I'm so NOT down with the kids!!!!!"

 I've got a date should I wear a thong or big hold me in knickers?! Fonsaca

Auntie Lou says: "Ooh big knickers.....(if it's the first date no-one should be seeing your knickers!!!) In any case big pretty knickers all the way....thongs are wrong! Who wants a self inflicted wedgie?!"

I enter a room and fall flat on my face in front of the Love of my life how do I recover?! Fonsaca

Auntie Lou says: "Roll like a secret agent and pretend you were picking something up,style it out!"

I'm in a crowded room and my dress strap breaks and I 'fall' out of my top. What should I do? Fonsaca

Auntie Lou says: "Shake em' baby!!! No not really, hoink your top up, casually walk to the ladies room and pretend it didn't happen!?"

Meeting the In-laws All going well then they start a rain dance - join in or leg it?! Fonsaca

Auntie Lou says: "Dance it out, even add a few break dance moves and show em' how it's done."

If you discovered a money tree, or shall we say won lotto, what would be your first 3 purchases and why?

Auntie Lou says: "Ooh a big country pad, also one for my mum and dad and one for my brother!! We all NEED a country pad!!!"

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